FRESH FACE PACKAGE (Cleanser x Toner x Serum)

FRESH FACE PACKAGE (Cleanser x Toner x Serum)

This Fresh Face Package is the go to package for your morning and night time skin care routine. Leaves face feeling and looking fresh all while healing your skin naturally and gently.  This Fresh Face Package includes the Daily Facial Cleanser/Wash (4oz), Facial Collagen Boosting Toner (4oz), and our very popular Pretty Melanin Serum(2oz). Purchasing each of these products separately will total $60, so save money with this package & use the money saved to purchase a mask, or sugar scrub ! (After washing face with Pretty Melanin Daily Face Wash , apply desired amount of Pretty Melanin Face Serum onto face/neck, then spray Toner/Mist onto face/neck.

                     DAILY FACIAL CLEANSER/WASH

    This facial cleanser gently removes excess surface oil and build up, helps to heal and prevent blemishes while it purifies and detoxifies the skin. Mix (dilute) a small amount of the product with water in hands, apply and massage into skin with fingertips in a circular motion covering the face and neck for 1-3 minutes.

    Rinse off with lukewarm Water.


     Daily Face Cleanser/Wash Ingredients:

    - Tea tree oil

    - Chamomile Extract

    - Organic Virgin Olive Oil

    - Turmeric

    - Aloe Vera

    - Lye

                                  FACIAL TONER/MIST

    This collagen boosting toner improves skin elasticity and quickly absorbs excess oil. Also helps correct and balance the pH of your skin and control acne. It locks in moisture and keeps skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.Use after cleanser, mask or exfoliating scrub to reveal the clearness of the complexion. Spray directly into the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on. For best results, use its 3-5x a week. May also use to set make up.


    Pretty Melanin Toner Ingredients:

    - Burdock Root

    - Rose Water

    - Aloe Vera

    - Shea Butter

    - Lemon Balm

    - Echinacea

    - Lavender


                              PRETTY MELANIN SERUM

    Clears up acne scars, blackheads, acne. Diminishes large pores, high pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Extreme hyrdration, leaving skin feeling smooth like butter, and melanin glowing.


    Do not rinse off. (Can be worn all day & overnight)


    (After washing face with Pretty Melanin Daily Face Wash , apply desired amount of Pretty Melanin Face Serum onto face, then spray Toner/Mist onto face & neck.



    Ingredients :

    -Organic Shea Butter


    -Organic Coconut Oil

    -Vitamin E 

    -Lavender oil 

    -Pure Honey


    -Olive Oil



    1. Face wash to Clease.

    2. Toner to tone.

    3. Serum to moisturize.

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