God blessed us with Melanin, let's thank Him by taking care of it!

Pretty Melanin is a skincare line that caters

to the colored community. We pride ourselves in providing natural and organic products.


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing you with high-quality natural skin products. Our skin remedy includes organic oils such as lavender oil, olive oil, and more. They are packed with Vitamin E, enriched with aloe, pure honey, Rosemary extract, and more. Water is never added, you get exactly what you paid for. Everything used was already put on this Earth by God. Plants and oils from plants are what our ancestors used centuries ago before there were bars of soap and acne creams.


Pretty Melanin

Cocoa Body Wash

Pretty Melanin

Fresh Face Package


Hand made bi-weekly. Your jar is guaranteed fresh!

Clear Skin Combo, Dark Spot Corrector & Turmeric Mask

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4 Month Results

"I am so happy I finally found something that worked for my skin. My confidence has grown so much. These products saved me, I am not sure if I manifested it because this is a miracle for me."

Fresh Face Package

Daily Routine

I love this stuff, it helps keep my skin clear and fresh even though I drink so much soda! I have been using this day and night since December 2019. I love that they are natural products too.

Clear Skin Combo + Dark Spot Corrector


2 Month Results

" I can not get over how amazing my skin has gotten. Thank you so much. I see so much improvement and I am loving my new skin!"

Face Wash + Serum

Going Organic with my Skincare

I recently became a vegetarian, it’s been a couple of months & since then my body has changed including my skin. So I decided I would also go organic with my skincare completely......

Clear Skin Combo + Turmeric Mask

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2 Month Results

This is a 2-month difference all thanks to the Clear Skin Combo and dark spot corrector. I was consistent for once and I changed my diet just as she insisted. I have never been happier. Pimples are gone, my huge crater pores are gone, and acne scars slowly fading.

Deluxe Package

Exfoliating & Moisturizing

"I have been using Pretty Melanin for over a year now. I love the Sugar Scrub & serum, a simple two-step routine to gently get rid of my dead skin and moisturize. The sugar scrub is also great for exfoliating the bikini line after shaving."

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Made with natural and certified organic ingredients, our New Cocoa Body Wash provides moisture throughout the day, with no greasy feel, for skin that is irresistibly soft, smooth, and clean.

Introducing our new Cocoa Body Wash


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